What do we offer?

Speech, Language, & Feeding Intervention Services

Services are provided in the child's natural environment (child's home, school, or daycare environment)

Speech Therapy

Children may say some sounds the wrong way as they learn to talk. They learn some sounds earlier, like p, m, or w. Other sounds take longer to learn, like z, v, or th. Most children can say almost all speech sounds correctly by 4 years old. A child who does not say sounds by the expected ages may have a speech sound disorder. Target sounds in therapy are selected based on the order of acquisition, as well as which sounds are most affecting the child's overall speech intelligibility. 

Language Therapy

The goal of language intervention is to stimulate overall language development and to teach language skills in an integrated fashion and in context, so as to enhance everyday communication and ensure access to academic content. Goals are frequently selected with consideration for developmental appropriateness and the potential for improving the effectiveness of communication and academic and social success. Language therapy services are dynamic and individualized based on the child's deficits and individual learning style. 

Feeding Therapy

Feeding therapy may address increasing the strength of oral muscles, increasing range of movement of the tongue, helping the child chew foods, helping the child try new foods and drinks, improving the child's ability to suck from a bottle or drink from a cup, addressing meal time behaviors, and addressing sensory issues related to food. 

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